Permanent Additions

Permanent Additions

As you know, Travel for me is nearly synonymous with Tattoos. I try to get tattoos that have relevant, deep meaning to me, while pulling in some elements of the travel. Since I was traveling for six weeks, I knew I wanted to get some lifelong memories. I found a spot, Well Done Tattoos in Buenos Aires that was near my apartment in Palermo.

The entry to the shop


This tattoo was for my nephew Hayes David. I wanted to incorporate elements surrounding David from the Bible. So I went with the sling that slew Goliath. The stones show that this is before the fight took place, since there are still five stones. In order to incorporate another language, I selected the Spanish version of David’s Psalm, 56:3 “When I am afraid, I put my trust in You” ” En el día que temo, Yo en ti confío” I also made sure that the stones had both green and blue in them, since those are HD’s favourite colours.


Luckily this was a quick tattoo. There was a little spot on the actual elbow, and that was miserable. But on the whole, this one was relatively easy.


I am happy with the design and final product

the design
Doing work
Hanging with my artist
David’s Sling with Psalms 56:3


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