You Should Be Here

You Should Be Here

Once I began planning my trip up to Chicago, I started looking for some country concerts. I hit the jackpot. It turned out that Cole Swindell would be playing Saturday night at The Rave Eagles Club. I quickly picked up some tickets for my friends in Madison. When our buddy Jefe passed, the song You Should Be Here became very near and dear to our hearts.

This was a perfect opportunity to celebrate his life with my best friends.

I rented a Convertible Mustang and made my way up to Wisconsin. As it turns out, Tony was going through a tough time emotionally, so we hit up a local bar for some refreshments before the concert. We were able to meet some real sweethearts, but we knew they were just gonna break our hearts, so we went to check in at our hotel.

The boys are back in town


The show was amazing. Sometimes time and distance don’t change things. You wrap your arms around your best broj’s and you’re instantly reminded what friendship is.

She let her hair down, guys
Raising one up for Jefe
Cheers, Jefe. You should be here.

After the concert, we hit up some local bars.


Drive Back

I woke up to hear a forecast of snow. This was not good. I knew the Mustang would be horrible in the frozen white stuff. So I ducked out and headed back. I made it just as the 10+ inches of snow landed. I spent the rest of the day relaxing in the airport hotel, mentally preparing myself for my upcoming South American adventure.


I am so lucky to have friends like Tony, Dustin, Dolan and Sean. In tough times they hold me together. In good times, they help me shine.


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