Aloha to Number Fifty: Kauai

Aloha to Number Fifty: Kauai

As I was asking for advice about which islands to visit, one common them I noticed was that everyone loved Kauai. They referenced it as the most peaceful and the most beautiful. Upon further research, it seemed to be the most focused on nature: my kind of place. I set up a rental, because I wanted to drive around to the west side to see the Waimea Canyon. But I also didn’t know if Uber would be prevalent.

Day One

I landed, grabbed my car, and went straight to the Marriott Kauai Beach Club. It was my first time to stay in a Vacation Club rental. It was a great experience. I plan on adding those in as options next time I travel. The hotel grounds were very spacious. The pool and bar setup is a little wonky. Waitresses stopped serving early, so you have to leave the pool and wander into a bar to get drinks. But, it gave me an opportunity to meet some new people.

The view from the Marriott Kauai Beach Club

I had to check out the local beer scene, so I made sure to stop by Kauai Beer. They didn’t do flights in a traditional sense. I was able to try most of their beers. The place was definitely bumping. There were several food trucks out front. This would be my hang out.

I wanted to get back and relax at the hotel, so I headed back and hit the pool. Beach cocktails were exactly what I needed for my broken tailbone. That night I walked over to Duke’s. I had only been to the franchised version of Duke’s, so I was pretty excited. The meal was good, the drinks were cold, and the Hula pie was HUGE!

I was pretty worn out, so I headed back for some rest.

Day Two

I woke up and grabbed a donut at a local shop for the road. I was heading out for Waimea Canyon. I had heard it was like the Grand Canyon, only greener. I stopped a couple times to take pictures from the road, but this time built up, and cars passed me. I determined, I should drive all the way, then slowly come back. So that is what I did. As the road wore on, I could feel my tailbone radiating with pain. MORE AND MORE AND MORE with every bump. I did make it all the way to the end. I even did a little hike, but that was my limit. I could not go any farther.

I will just let the nature do the talking. It is almost impossible to beat
Looking down from the very end of the trail, you can see the Na Pali coast that many people will hike.
Being up on the edge gave incredible views through the clouds

After getting back in the car and making the return trip, I decided I needed some shave ice.

These colourful roosters were all over the island. I loved them. It reminded me of Key West.
When your niece is named Ellie, you have to take a picture of Ele Ele street.

My next stop was an Urgent Care. It turned out that they used Epic. What a relief. Turns out that my tailbone was broken. I got some meds for the flight home, and went back to the hotel.

The beautiful trees between the beach and the hotel pool

That night I had reservations at Gaylord’s upon recommendation. This place did not disappoint. I strongly recommend it. The whole plantation looked beautiful too. They had a wonderful beer list to add to the deliciousness. If you go, you should sit outside.


I am so glad that I went to Kauai. I feel like any Hawaii trip without it, is lacking. The nature is so wonderful. I felt refreshed when I left.

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