It’s a Small World

It’s a Small World

I have always been attracted to the idea of going “around the world,” and as a kid, the closest I could get was to visit Epcot. I loved how they represented cultures from everywhere. Now that I am an adult and have been blessed with some amazing travels, I wanted to revisit Epcot to see how well they represent these countries.


They do a pretty good job

View of the grounds at Epcot
Another shot of the area at Epcot

In addition to the normal eleven countries, Epcot was also hosting Garden Festival which brings over 20 Pop Up Shops that tie in with the host country. They even gave you a passport to keep track of the added places

The Passport for Garden Festival


We arrived a little later than planned, since we overslept our alarms. But the only thing you can do is adjust accordingly. We still had a little time before our Fast Pass was ready at Soarin’, so we went to the Mexican Pavilion first. The pyramid out front brought me right back to last December when I visited the Yucatan. Inside, it was packed. We opted to check out La Cava del Tequila. There was a line, and then there was another line to get into the main line. The hostesses were very kind and helped patrons find their place. I had the horchata. I don’t know if that was the smartest move, as it was already getting warm outside. ¡Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro!

We ending up having to rush out before we could take our picture, so we ended up coming back and getting it at the end.

Our first stop, but our last picture. Mexico!!


My sister and her family did this when they visited the parks recently, and she told me about it. I knew I had to experience it. The videos are so beautiful, and they do an amazing job making you feel like you are part of the action. If you don’t have wanderlust before this, you will after

I tried to get a picture inside, and I was promptly told by a robot to put my camera away.


After our ride, we decided to go the other way around the world. So our next stop was Canada. We didn’t go too deep into the pavilion just because timing. But we stopped in the shop, and I had a Labatt Blue. Oh Canada!! Cheers.

This seems like a great picture for Canada.
I truly love bears. And this bear had beautiful colours in it.

United Kingdom

Walking into the United Kingdom, you immediately see a pub and a phone booth. You get that British feel pretty quickly. We hit the Cider pop up while Andrew went to check out the pub. Cheers mate!

Don’t mind us, we are just going to make a quick call


I loved the flowers in France. The giant Beauty and the Beast display was perfect. I was a little upset that you can’t actually visit the Eiffel Tower, but I Guess that makes sense. In France, we felt that Veuve was the most appropriate beverage. Santé

I think it is easy to tell who they real beauty and beast are here…
amazing floral display


I was a little disappointed that Jasmin was not around for a picture. She has always been my favourite. But this pavilion really made me miss my time in the Arab peninsula. I know I haven’t been to Morocco yet, but the architecture and details were great here. Shukran habibi! فى صحتك:


I really liked the layout in Japan. We were also greeted with a giant performance when we walked in. I opted for the Kirin with the frozen foam. It wasn’t my favourite for the day, but it was refreshing. 乾杯 Kanpai

Great scenery

The United States

The American Adventure was nice, but, as expected, it was probably my least favourite. We did meet some very cute girls and get to talk with them. And we met a crazy bird who kept trying to eat my ribs and drink my beer.

This bird is very American: all it wanted was ribs and beer

I wish they would convert this to another country. But for now, it is cool. Cheers!

Howdy, Y’all!


Oh, be still my heart. I LOVED THE ITALIAN PAVILION. i was immediately taken back to my road trip through Italy. Amazing job on this one Epcot. Here I enjoyed a couple bottles of Italian beer and just remembered what it was like to breath in that Tuscan air. Salute!

I truly felt like I was in San Marco square in Venice


This brought me back to Munich. I needed my Lederhosen. We had a pretzel, a brat and some beers here while we relaxed a little. I liked Germany a lot. Prost!

I literally have no clue what is going on in this picture. But I guess the wheels were coming off.
Nants ingonyama bagithi baba…
Sithi uhhmm ingonyama


China was what I expected. Except there was an awesome parade going on. This was pretty cool. We didn’t spend a lot of time here. I ordered a Tsingtao, and was a little upset about the lack of good Chinese beer here. There are some great choices in Beijing. Oh well. 干杯 ( ganbei) If you follow me on SnapChat, you have heard this one a lot. 

Glad we got to have some Ganbei’s


We lucked out when we got to Norway: Both Anna and Else were there, but the line was basically non-existent. This is the nice part about everyone else having a bedtime.

I felt like we had a real connection. Plus she kinda has an icy heart, so I know we are meant for eachother
Love is an open door, Anna. I wouldn’t mind finishing sandwiches with you.

I enjoyed Norway. Their beer selection was absolutely garbage. But I won’t be that mad. Jubel!

Where there’s a will, there’s a Norway?


I am so happy the Heather and Andrew invited me to drink around the world with them. They are amazing travel friends. Disney Springs is also very fun at night.

My customized ears.
after dinner in Disney Springs

Here are some tips I learned on this trip:

  1. If you go to Epcot, Disney, or wherever… don’t wear matching outfits. Heather and Andrew did this by accident. But the whole day we saw groups of tools wearing matching tank tops and t shirts and hats. Just don’t. It isn’t unique. Nothing you put on the shirt will be new.
  2. Prepare and plan.Make sure to hydrate properly and wear sunscreen and comfortable shoes
  3. Don’t wear a Hawaiian shirt. You will end up blending in with a lot of the scenery
  4. Find people who have real cameras to help take your pictures. For the most part around 75% of people don’t know how to frame and take a decent picture, and even fewer know how to take a quality shot.
  5. Set up your Fast Passes early
  6. Try to stay on premise at one the hotels. This will save time
  7. Be prepared to spend some money. Don’t complain. Just enjoy it.
  8. Try to plan your poses ahead of time and maybe even bring a change of outfit?
  9. Go during Flower Garden Festival or Food and Wine Festival. The extra pop up venues make the lines better

These are my thoughts:

  1. Why aren’t there any South American countries?
    1. They could add Peru for The Emperor’s New Groove or Brazil for Three Caballeros
  2. Why isn’t there a country from Australia?
    1. Maybe they could work in Moana or Finding Nemo
  3. Why isn’t there a country for the heart of Africa?
    1. Kenya/Tanzania would work for Lion King
  4. They should add some New Orleans themes to the American area
    1. They could bring in Tiana
  5. I love that they employ people from the represented country.
  6. Andrew loves BAE.

I strongly think you should visit Epcot, regardless of your age. It is awesome.


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