Addition of Folk and Virtue

Addition of Folk and Virtue

With my left arm being dedicated to my family, I have decided that my right arm with focus on local folklore and virtues. With that in mind, I reached out to some shops in Reykjavik, and found one I liked: Sweet Hell. Of course, their prices were very high, but then again, everything in Iceland is expensive.

Inside Sweet Hell


I was going to get a Vegvisir, the Norse symbol for protection and guidance, but once I Realized just how touristy it was… I changed my direction. I still love that symbol and meaning, but I wanted something that wasn’t as widespread. I opted for a variation of Thor’s Hammer (Mj√∂lnir). If you’ve seen Marvel movies, then you may be thinking about the comic book hero Thor. But this symbol goes much deeper than that. It is a symbol of power. It means “the grinder, or crusher.” It was capable of leveling mountains. Slawek (tattoo artist) added some more Norse symbolism with the two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. They are Odin’s (Thor’s father) ravens. And they represent Thought and Memory. Of course, I had him also work in a trinity knot which represents how Christianity came to reside in Viking tradition and symbolism as well.

Slawek’s design. Mjolnir, with Thor’s head, and Huginn and Muninn


I went and got the tattoo while my friend, Russell, took a nap. This was the first tattoo I have gotten just for myself which meant I wasn’t able to focus on the dedication. Instead I just thought on the culture and people of Iceland. I wanted this tattoo to help permanently tie this trip to my person.

It is always such a fun process.
Don’t worry, that needle doesn’t hurt at all….
Slawek creating some art
Outline is done
Final Product. Time to “put the hammer down!”
The finished product with the artist.


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