Feliz Navidad from Uruguay

Feliz Navidad from Uruguay

I quickly found out that most everything would be closed on Christmas Day in Buenos Aires. So I pivoted and made new plans. I found a ferry from Buquebus that was running across the river to the UNESCO city of Colonia.

Ferry Ride

I opted for the First Class ticket, but I think the business class would have been just fine. First and foremost, the departure gate is beyond confusing and disorganized. It is best to ask other travelers to ensure that you are in the correct line. The ride itself is easy. You can generally watch one episode of a TV show, if you bring it loaded on your device.


The city is so beautiful. I see why it is a UNESCO Heritage City. It was raining in the morning, so I grabbed my poncho and went walking. The streets are absolutely picturesque.

More streets
Beautiful street

I went to the Porton de Campo, then headed to the Colonia del Sacramento Lighthouse, and finally the Basílica del Santísimo Sacramento. Without anything else, these sights make the day trip to Colonia worth it.

Basílica del Santísimo Sacramento
Porton de Campo

Sadly, the brewery was closed. As was most everything. I found a little coffee shop that had some local craft beers. So I enjoyed some conversation with the owners.

I headed back after a day of wandering to catch my ferry back.

Leaving on the ferry, Lighthouse in the background


I am glad I took the day trip. I think the other cities in Uruguay are supposed to be amazing. Colonia was pretty.

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