Playfully Permanent

Playfully Permanent

I decided it would be good to complete all of my family tattoos while I was on this journey. My friend in Lima said that her sister had a good experience at Zhimpa Tattoos in Miraflores, so I booked an appointment.

The studio


I sent them a picture of Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of happiness and joy, and a picture of a cat playing with her tail upright. I told them I wanted the cat to be playing with a blue ball of yarn, since blue is her favourite colour. The artist took my ideas and made them purrfect!

Bastet, Goddess of Happiness and Joy
Playful kitty
The design


The artist used a needle gun I had never seen before. My friend tells me it is a cyclical needle. Apparently helps with the healing and doesn’t hurt as much. I am very grateful for this. Because the shoulder hurts a lot more than I thought it would. I am stoked with how it turned out. It is my second favourite, behind the owl of course.

Doing some work
Finished product
Hanging out
My amazing niece, Julianna Joy… or Juelz… or Lil Z… depending on whom you ask.

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