Lima. More than just a bean.

Lima. More than just a bean.

Originally, I had planned on spending a full week in Lima. But after talking to my friends, I changed it to just a couple days in favour of more time elsewhere. I had heard about the amazing food, but not much else.


The airport in Lima, is far out of the city. This is annoying. The transit will take a minimum of 45 minutes with little traffic. But I came to discover that this is how most South American cities are. No real way to avoid it.

I decided to stay in an AirBNB for my first stop in Lima. The location was perfect, and the host communicated very well. The area of Miraflores is so perfect for me. It is on the beach, with parks and walkways everywhere. I loved it.

View from the Apartment at night
View from the Apartment during the day

Day One

After getting checked in, I went for a walk around the neighborhood to get the lay of the land. It was pretty cool. There were exercise groups even at night.

La Marina Lighthouse in Parque Faro

I grabbed a cab and headed over to Barranco to try some of the local beer. My first stop was Barranco Beer Company, where I met Ali and Tony. Ali didn’t drink, but Tony joined me in some tasty beers. From there, I headed to El Gringo Bar. I hung out with some locals and had some more craft beers.

the crew at El Gringo

I made my way back to the apartment to get some rest.

Day Two

I had signed up for a day tour of Lima to see the sights and learn some history. Sadly, the traffic wasted 2 hours total driving.  But it was still worth it. I feel like these tours help to orient me to the culture and city.

Plaza San Martin
There was apparently a riot in Lima.
Convento de San Francisco
House of Pizarro
My awesome Tour Guide

I love that the flag comes from the outstretched wings of a flamingo.

I did some more exploring during the daytime and found some great shots.

Parque Faro
El Parque del Amor

That night, I looked for one of these amazing restaurants I kept hearing about, and I found Maido. I went without a reservation, and was surprised to find a spot at the bar. 14 courses later and my mind was melted. No wonder this place is the 13th best restaurant in the world. The bill was actually reasonable, all things considered.

Day Three

Now, to be fair, my third day in Lima was really my seventh day in Peru. I took some time to go to Cusco, but I will talk about that in a separate post. I came back to Lima for one final night. I had made plans to meet up with a local girl for drinks at Barbarian Brewery.

I met her, and she was amazing. We spent the afternoon talking about life and shopping and food. I was lost in her eyes and smile. I didn’t want the time to end. I had already made plans to meet up with a college friend of mine to watch the Cowboys game since he was living in Lima. So I asked her is she wanted to join us. I didn’t want to walk away from this one, ya know?

Renato, Aline, and I enjoying the Cowboys game

She decided to join, so we chose to walk over. The city is amazing at night. We met up with Renato and had some chicken wings. After we left, we went to spend some more time talking. Like I said, Lima is magical at night. What can I say, I was smitten.

Sadly, I knew I was leaving the next day. I had to figure something out.

Day Four and Five

Now, I was only supposed to spend three days in Lima. But after I left and went to Buenos Aires, my friend Roxi helped convince me that I had to come back. I couldn’t leave with unresolved feelings. So I booked a flight and made my way back for two days.

We met up and kept exploring her city. We ate at the recently reopened Larcomar Mall. We tried to eat at Maido again, but it was too packed, so we went to his other location Sushi Pop. Sadly, it was not nearly as good. I also got a tattoo, but I will talk about that in a subsequent post.


If you are planning a trip to Lima, go for it. Enjoy it. Lima is a great city. Stay in Miraflores. Drink in Barranco. You will love it: the beach, the parques, the food. Trust me. It is amazing.

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