Mitad del Mundo

Mitad del Mundo

Even though there aren’t any world wonders in Ecuador, I felt like it would be a good next stop in my South American journey for multiple reasons. First off, they give a passport stamp at the Middle of the Earth monument. Second off, it is the world’s highest capital city. Third, they had a pretty well-reviewed pub crawl. I had read about the elevation, but I figured it wouldn’t be that bad.


The flight was easy with a short layover in Bogota. I had a transfer from the airport to the JW Marriott Quito. The hotel was very nice and impressive.

View from the room. Amazing
The hotel must have really liked me.
Hotel Lobby

I went over to Turtle’s Head Brewery since it was across the street from the hotel. Turns out, the streets are not very safe in Quito at night. The brewery was a dimly lit environment with minimal beer descriptions. I tried some beer and some food. It was okay, but sadly the waitress decided to neglect me for 45 minutes… I don’t really understand how they plan to keep customers happy and sitting there.

Day One

I arranged for a tour to see the sights of Quito as well as the Middle of the Earth monument. It ended up being a private tour, which is always nice. He showed me the city, taught me some of the history, then we headed up the mountain to El Panecillo. The views are breath-taking. You can see the surrounding volcanoes that helped shape the land of Ecuador.

Scenery in Ecuador
Quito Views
Quito City Square
Statue in Plaza de la Independencia

After this, we went to the Middle of the World monuments. Our first stop was to the calculated equator line. Here they have games and exhibits to show the effects of polarity.

Hey, I balanced the egg
Attractions and games meant to show off polarity
Monuments from around the world
getting to the equator
Mitad del Mundo Monument

From there, we went to the monument. First, we had a nice local lunch.

Cuy… Local dish… yes that is guinea pig
They may not be Murano, Burano or Caminino. But the colours are amazing.

Then we went up to see the city.

Views from the top
Hanging with Dario, my awesome tour guide.
beautiful street art, juxtaposed to a KFC.

After the tour, I had a slight sunburn, and I was tired, but it was no time for quitting. I went out to Hops Craft Beer Pub. This place was awesome. The bartenders were knowledgeable, and the owner was present to talk about the place.

Hops Craft Beer Pub. Awesome spot.

From there, I went over to Abysmo Brewery. I loved the vibe here. The beer was delicious also. My time was running slim, so I grabbed a cab and headed to Community Hostel for the Pub Crawl. Walking in, I felt out of place, since everyone else there was staying there. But I am not going to let a little awkwardness get in my way. I met some of the people who run the hostel and some of the residents. This place is amazing. If you are visiting Ecuador, check it out.

Painting at Community Hostel
The amazing Melissa!!

We piled into some buses, cranked on the Daddy Yankee, and made our way to the bars.

The night is a blur somewhat. But I know it was amazing.

Day Two

So it turns out that most everything is closed on Sunday in Quito. So I just relaxed. I hit the gym and the pool. I ate lunch at the hotel. I did find one restaurant open for dinner, Mama Chlorinda. Turns out this is where all the tourists eat on Sunday. So hooray for me.

Cool area to walk around. Plaza Foch

I wandered around a little, but I was just tired. So I went back to the hotel.


Quito was such a pleasant surprise. I am so happy to have stopped here. The people, the travelers, the scenery, it is all amazing. I recommend it to anyone traveling.

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