You boys like Mexico?!

You boys like Mexico?!

Out of all of the New Wonders of the World, Chichen Itza is the easiest for Americans to visit. Flights to Cancun are relatively inexpensive, then from there, you can grab a quick tour to the ruins. You can spend as much as you want getting to the pyramid and exploring, but ultimately, it should cost around $100 for a basic plan. I figured while I was on my Wonders Quest, I might as well enjoy the beach for a couple days, right?

I know it is surprising that I have never been to Mexico. I went to college in Texas. What was I thinking?


Getting into Mexico is perfectly easy. I decided to stay at the JW Marriott resort which offers a shuttle pick up. I avoided the cabbies trying to swindle people out of money for a ride, and found my shuttle. From there, I was whisked away to my hotel. The hotels are situated on a long strip of beach. Finally arriving at my temporary home, I was greeted by the bellmen. My room had an amazing view, facing north.

The view from my room. It is horrible right?

Day One

I knew I wanted to try out the local beer scene, so I had scoped out some spots. They were mostly in town, so I grabbed a cab and headed in. My first stop was The Beer Box. They were very friendly, and they spoke English. I ordered some hot wings, and watched the NFL game they had on the TV. When I was done, I picked up some brews for the week. They allow for take-away.

Day Two

I woke up and grabbed breakfast, then got ready for the pool. This whole resort was stunning. I met some lovely Georgia folk by the pool. We had some fun talking and cracking jokes. I was going to read my book, but my eye was acting up, and I couldn’t focus on fine print. So I switched to sun tanning and beer drinking.

To infinite and beyond. #Lounging
Pool days… Life can be so difficult
Cabana Vision
Walking out back of JW Marriott

For dinner, I went to Casa Tequila. They actually had a pretty good beer list. After dinner I hit up Senor Frogs. It was a little dead, but I might have been happy about that.

Double Fiesting

Day Three

This was the day I had planned my excursion to Chichen Itza. I had to wake up early, the benefit was that I got to see a sunrise.


I booked it through Viator, and they outsourced it to Gray Line tours. I was disappointed with the tour greatly. I have visited many of the amazing sights and used different tour groups. Gray Line so far was the worst. My guide kept making some lame Chicken Pizza joke. I still don’t know what Chichen Itza means. It would have been better if he just didn’t talk. Luckily, I met an awesome Newlywed couple from Australia, Emilie and Alistaire. We explored the ruins together and had fun bartering with the vendors.

Chichen Itza
The pyramid
Emilie trying on the local garb
The cenote near the pyramid
They caught me

The pyramid is quite amazing. The whole area of ruins and cenotes are definitely impressive.

After the tour, I headed back to the resort. I found a restaurant called La Distilleria. After food, I wanted to check out another beer spot for the night, so I hit upĀ El Estadio Cerveceria & Restaurante. Here I met some other beer nerds and we started opening bottles. The night ended up being quite fun.

My view from the Distillery

Day Four

I made sure to set a wake up call, because I had a phone interview the next morning. I woke up to a banging noise on my door, so I wrapped myself in my bed sheets and went to the door to find the head of security. “Why are you banging on my door?” I asked. “Well sir, you told us to wake you up.” he replied. “Oh, yeah, well why didn’t you call?” I asked. “Well sir, you didn’t answer any of our calls, so I Wanted to make sure you are okay. It is 10:20.”

What a guy. I was awake just in time for my interview. After finishing the interview, I was informed that I got the position. Perfect. Time to celebrate. This time, I found the Adults Only pool with the swim up bar. I don’t know why they make it so difficult to find this thing.

I spent the day hanging out and pool drinking with my new friends, listening to country music.

The guys just doing some pool drinking

It was quite nice. I enjoyed it thoroughly. That night, I kept it chill and ate in the club level. I knew I had to travel the next day.


I am happy that I finally visited Mexico, and it was cool to see another Wonder, but Cancun is not really a foreign country. I guess it is an easy trip, so go on it, if you can.

There is always that one jacka$$ that wont get out of the way of a good shot

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