Windy City

Windy City

Being abroad for a couple years was very good for me professionally, and personally I grew in ways I never imagined. One downfall of being away so long was that a good number of my friendships experienced strain. I knew I needed to visit Chicago to help work on some of those. I also found that the flights from Chicago to South America were more favourable, since I was using my Chase points and converting them to United.

Day One

I got in on a Wednesday, so most of my friends were either traveling or working. Luckily for me, my friend Christina now lives in Chicago. She offered for me to join her and her friends for some food in Greek Town. I haven’t seen her since our kickball days back in Memphis, so I was pretty happy to see her.

I loved how decorated the city was. Living in the Middle East, I actually started to my Christmas decorations. I got my fill in the Windy City.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

After a fun dinner, we piled into the three door rental and went to check out some local hotspots. We ended up at Slippery Slope enjoy a lovely cabaret show. I am so happy to have met your friends, Xtina! I am glad to see you’re doing so well.

Christina is very focused… on something…
Our crew for a night of shenanigans

After I returned, I headed out for a nightcap. I actually ran into some people from Peru. I told them I was about to travel down there. Instantly I had some new friends.

Day Two

I woke up to an amazing scene. I decided I should walk around the city a bit. The cityscapes are just perfect. Of course, I had to hit the Bean.

More Christmas decorations
Walking around the city
View of the Navy Pier from me room at the Hilton
O Tannenbaum

From there, I gathered my stuff and went to Meredith and Meredith’s place. I love that these two live together still. It is so cute. The neighborhood is amazing. After dropping my stuff, I headed out to Local Option for a good Chicago IPA. The place had a vibe like Three Floyds. I enjoyed it. All the sudden, I saw someone turn on their stool and call out, “CT?” Well, I’ll be damned. It was my friend Drew who I met when Mit and I were visiting some beer spots in Belgium. This was weird, since he lives in Indonesia. We sat and enjoyed catching up and drinking some beers.

Journey of Brews

I needed to head back, so I said my goodbyes, and walked back. The weather was amazing.

Meredith’s cute ‘hood

Seeing Meredith made me smile, as it always does. We got ready and headed to Brew Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo. It turned out that we met up with a bunch of her friends. This was cool with me. Afterwards, we kept the party going and hit up some local bars for some karaoke. And of course dancing. We ended the night telling travel stories.

Brew Lights
Brew Lights 2017 Crew
I just want to do hood rat stuff with my friends. Love you forever, 13.
The wonderful CAR

Day Three

I haven’t seen my buddy Matt in years, so I headed over to Revolution Brewpub to meet him and have some food. We caught up and had some food and beers. Then he took me on a tour of the production brewery. He also sent me on my way with some Deep Woods bottles.

going deep in the woods

The night before, Pat had mentioned Pequod’s Deep Dish Pizza. So you know what I was thinking about all day. mmmm Pizza. So we all met up and headed over. I had heard amazing things, but it also took a while. We ordered some apps and a couple pies. By the time they came out, I understood what people were talking about. It was amazing.

Pequod’s Pizza… is there anything better?


I am so happy I got to see my friends after so long. Chicago is an amazing town. I hope to visit again when it warms up.

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