Deux Bhais in Dubai

Deux Bhais in Dubai

Before I took this job in Saudi Arabia, I researched all the things to do in the area. I found that Al Khobar was very close to and a short flight away from Dubai. I had always heard sparkling things about this city. So I started looking into activities in Dubai. It was at this moment that I saw it: something I had been waiting for for years. It was the chance to see 30 Seconds to Mars live. This band is led by one of my favorite actors, Jared Leto, and I appreciate and relate to many of their songs. The big problem is that when they release concert information, my hopes of seeing them live have always been crushed. They choose cities like Lisbon and Santiago and Moscow… but now was my chance. With this 2015 tour, they chose Dubai. Once I had selected the contract in Saudi Arabia, I made plans to go to the show. I bought a VIP ticket without question. As I met others on the project, I presented the idea of the concert being a nice way to end Eid. Two of my coworkers and I hatched up a fun trip for Eid. Hopefully you have read all about Sri Lanka and Nepal.


This was my second time to Dubai, and I had a strong sophomoric knowledge of the city. We decided to give the Habtoor a chance to redeem themselves after their last shortcomings. Following another hiccup that nearly prevented us from even being able to get in the country, we landed in DXB. The security at the airport was awful, borderline criminal with how they treated my friends. It was awful. But we made it through and picked up some SIM cards. Qatar was unable to load my baggage from the connector flight, so I was not in the best mood. I knew the outfit I had planned to wear was in that suitcase.

Running late, we grabbed a cab to the hotel. It was time to get some food and get ready for the concert. But the staff at Habtoor had different plans. Apparently, there was no room that had been confirmed already. After 3 hours of painfully waiting and talking with their inept staff, they finally found a room for us. Keep in mind, I had booked this reservation 6 weeks prior.

30 Seconds to Mars

So my outfit wasn’t perfect, and my hair wasn’t how I planned, but it was time to head to the show. The vibe was electric once we found the venue. The World Trade Center is gigantic. Once we found our places, we realized our tickets also allowed up to enter the front pit. So forward we moved.

I am still excited about how this show made me feel. Singing along until my lungs nearly gave out with thousands of other fans just felt right.

Jared getting after it.

The show had emotion and feeling coursing through its veins. All of the pain and headache from Habtoor were erased in those moments. I was happy that Mit and Ali agreed to join me at the show. They are truly good friends.

After the show, the city was alive, but too much so. All the clubs were on lock-down mode. With it being Eid, every place we tried either required us to bring women with us or pay exorbitant entrance covers. We headed home and relaxed.

Back Street’s Back, ALRIGHT!

We discovered somewhere during our trip that we all had brought some form of white outfits. This was perfect. Saturday we had planned on being full-on tourists. My last visit to Dubai had not seen the superlative sites that the city boasts so loudly about. One of Mit’s friends was in town, so he joined us. We headed to the Burj Khalifa: the tallest building in the world, at this moment. It came with a steep price tag, but hey, we are in Dubai… everything is expensive.

This building is fricking tall. Hard to even fit in a camera frame

.We paid the money and took the elevator to the top. I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone planning to go, so I will refrain from too many details. I will just ask that while in the elevator, turn your flash off. Don’t be the guy that nearly ruins it for everyone. After pictures and sight seeing, we headed back down to the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. We took some more pictures, but our target destination was coming quickly.

A long way down

View from the top

The Burj al Arab is the world’s only 7 star hotel. It is one of the most Instagrammed location on the planet. Myths revolved around this place. But I cannot confirm anything. We did not go inside. We just took our pictures

And I am pretty sure, that we rocked those pictures.

I don’t think the world is ready for this. Everybody… Rock your body…

What do you think?

Arabian Nights

After our day of being a complete tourist, we were ready for some nightlife. We decided on a restaurant called Asia Asia which is in Pier 7 area. This was an excellent idea. The food rivaled the quality we received at Nobu in Doha.

Cool statues in the entryway to Asia Asia.

Our waiter was en pointe when it came to recommendations, and each dish offered new flavours and textures. A couple of our friends from Saudi Arabia were spending the night in Dubai, so we met up with them at People by Crystal. Our one friend, Sam, is very plugged in to the whole nightlife club scene, so we knew we should be expecting an amazing night.


Crewed up.

As our cab approached the WAFI mall, we saw a huge pyramid structure. It was impressive. Turns out that the club was in the upper obelisk part of the pyramid. After finding some girls to join us, we finally made it inside and were escorted to our table on the second level. The night started off slow, but ended well. We met girls from all over the globe. Most of them were flight attendants, so it was fun to hear their stories.

View from the club. Tough to see, but that is Dubai.
Try as hard as he could, Ali just couldn’t master the art of the High Five the way Mit could.

As the night came to a close, we headed back to the hotel. We spent our last day swimming and relaxing before we headed to the airport.


This trip would have needed so much to go wrong in order to thwart the awe-inspiring concert. While there was a seemingly concerted effort from the hotel and airport, ultimately this trip was made amazing by a solid concert and some awesome friends. In Urdu, “bhai” means brother. This whole eid trip was made complete by my two bhais, Mit and Ali. I look forward to future travels with them.

until next time.

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