Crushin’ It

I am sorry it has been a little while since I last posted. In the past couple weeks, I did a lot of traveling. I flew from Saudi Arabia to Frankfurt, spent the day in Germany (Previous post), then flew to Boston. My father and I spent the night in Boston, then we drove up the coast. Overall, it was a great week.

But now, I am back in the Magic Kingdom, and the Crush It Crew is back together.

Moving to the other side of the planet poses many problems: insurance, cell phones, storage, etc… but one thing that also happens is a feeling that only be described like being on a boat, pushing off from the beach with barely a paddle… We, as humans, do a lot to provide ourselves with oars in this allegory. We latch onto long distance relationships, we bring people with us, or we brace for the uncharted waters with the hope to meet new people.

When I accepted this position, I determined that I would follow the third course. I like meeting new people, and this is a certain type of situation where I thrive. I feel blessed to have met the people I have met on this project. Already, I feel I have gained several lifelong friends.

We have given our group the name Crush It Crew following some jokes we made this first week we were onsite. This is appropriate. Our group is fun and loud; we make our presence known.

I spoke with many people about expatriate living, and a common theme was a feeling of loneliness and how that will destroy potential futures. I feel blessed that I have met so many awesome people. I look forward to future adventures.

Until next time.

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