Workin’ for the Weekend

Workin’ for the Weekend

After a fun celebration at work, the stage was set for a great first weekend abroad.


As the great lyricist, Rebecca Black once said, “It’s Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday.” It was Friday, and we had plans for a great one. After consulting multiple sites, I figured we needed to check out The Corniche. It is a nice beach walk with a beautiful tower that is going to be restaurants and shops, from what I gather.

We got the crew together, grabbed an Uber and headed over.  The whole area was pretty. IT was filled with restaurants and shops, but there was an eerie emptiness to the streets.

The websites were correct: the beach walk was gorgeous. Everywhere we walked was filled with great views of the Persian Gulf.

As we walked, we realized how far away the tower really was. But we decided to push on.
It was good that we did. We were rewarded with some amazing views.

Afterwards, we wanted to check out the Le Meridian hotel nearby. This place had some amazing views and amenities.

After checking the hotel, we were hungry, so we hopped across the street and found a place called Elevation Burger. This place delivered a solid burger!!

Overall it was a solid Friday. High FIVE


One of Tim’s friends had invited us to join in a little trip to check out a beach up north, Ras Tanura. I had done some research on my own, and I had heard many, many things from people who “know a lot about Saudi Arabia.” With all of this, I clearly did not realize that beaches on ARAMCO compounds are just like American beaches… well almost. We clearly did not bring the right clothes.

We still had fun, and we had the beach practically to ourselves.

As an added benefit, we even found a cute little kitten, who helped us celebrate Caturday.

Well, next time we know what to pack for the beach. Overall, it was an amazing weekend full of memories and funny stories.

Until next time.

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