It is now after 4 PM on a Thursday, and the weekend has begun. With the first week coming to a close, it is going to take some adjusting to start the weekend on Thursday night. I guess it is somewhat like college: weekends started on Thursday then, right?


Today was a day of celebration. Our office at JHAH celebrated with a pre-Ramadan feast. The office was all hands on deck. People were orchestrating beautifully decorated tables for everyone to eat together

Other people were busy cooking and setting up food. The spread blew me away. I am lucky to be able to experience this in my first week.

Meanwhile, my fellow teammate and I worked to complete a symbol of team unity.

We decided to play off the direction both English and Arabic are written. Once that was the center focus, we wanted something that could symbolize growth and unity towards a common goal: a palm tree using every branch in unison to grow the best fruit possible. The trunk unites multiple cultures and languages. The team members are encouraged to write their resolutions in life on the sheet anonymously.

After the feast, we each got gift boxes. These are meant to be fun snacks I guess.

The experience was very pleasant. It was very cool to see the whole team at one table sharing a meal in celebration.

This weekend, we plan on checking out some cool places around the city. Uber is now available here in Al Khobar. So we are excited to explore.

Until the next time.

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