Night Adventures

Night Adventures

Today, in my home country, people were remembering all the sacrifice that great men and women had given to America. In Saudi Arabia, it was my first day of work at Johns Hopkins Aramco Health (JHAH). Memorial Day is one of my favorite times, as I am grateful for everything that others have given. So I want to thank you all.


Tonight, some of my coworkers and I decided we wanted to check out the Al Rashid Mall. This place blew us away: shopping, residential, etc. It is more than a mall I have ever experienced. The area surrounding the mall is great. I got a Miami sort of feel.

As we continued around the corner, we saw more beautiful buildings.

This city has a lot to offer, and I look forward to exploring it more in the time to come. Our next adventure will hopefully be to the gulf coast to check out the Corniche.

Until the next time.

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